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Walmart Reveals 2022's Hottest Holiday Toys

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We want all the best for our kids, and always search to choose suitable toys to help them develop their imagination, learn or simply have fun. However, choosing the right toy through the abundance of all these options might get a bit tricky and even time-consuming.

Luckily, the companies like Walmart have long thought of this and decided to help out by providing a great selection of toys that would spark joy in your kid's eyes and create a truly memorable experience for them.

So without further ado here is a list of some of Walmart’s hottest holiday toys for 2022:

If your kid is into Monster Trucks, this super-cool hot wheels RC car should definitely make the cut. With the intuitive remote control, the car is super easy to drive and its monstrous look with the beast mode fast wheels can come in handy while playing an amusing chasing game. Age 4+ Check the price

With stunning looks and ready for the ball, the Rainbow vision doll is one of the top contenders for the competition. She has all the style and charm just like the owner she is waiting for. Age 6+

For kids above the age of 5 who happen to be mesmerized by the Marvel universe, the Black panther warrior pack would be an ideal gift to light up the magic in them. Gearing up with this amazing vibranium-plated armor, and fighting the enemies to protect the earth, will definitely give your kid a superpower of amusement and pure joy. Age 5+ Check the price

Get ready for the most close-to-the-real-thing baby blue dinosaur ever existed. Having more than 20 incredibly hyper-realistic sounds, perfectly intuitive controls, and scary looks, FX baby blue can become a true protector of its owner and chase away all the predators that get in the way. Age 7+ Check the price

This ground-breaking board game is not only fun, but helps your kids develop strategic thinking skills, and is designed for the whole family. With 2 game modes (Beginner and Expert) your whole family will have a chance to connect with each other while having a good time. Age 8+ Check the price

Squishmallows are super-duper, plush stuffed, mega-soft collectible toys. They come in dozens of colors, personalities, and sizes, meaning that they are made for all kinds of tastes. Squishmallows can guarantee your babies tight and sweet sleep. Age 2+ Check the price

Did your children inherit the love of Star Wars from you? This exclusive toy of Luke Skywalker will bring his red lightsaber, guiding your child from evil! If your collection is missing something - look no more. Luke Skywalker will be proudly hanging with his mates. Age - everyone! Check the price

Are your kids allergic to guinea pigs but longing to touch them? We brought you a fantastic substitute for the live creatures! Teach your kids how to take care of other beings with this interactive toy! Age 4+ Check the price

Do your kids fancy an adventure? Then this epic playset is a perfect match! Kids can discover 60+ additional pieces along with a camping set, pool, slides, kitchen, and so on - whatever you might think of can be found inside the box. Age 3+ Check the price

Who said that Nintendo is dead? This super fancy (neon!) system was designed for comfort. Avoid worrying about battery lifetime - it lasts 4.5 - 9 hours! If your kid is bilingual, the better! The console supports Spanish and French along with English! Age - everyone Check the price


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